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  • Healing Moments – May 2016 Newsletter

    Last month, an individual came to us needing full bed care. The day after the guest’s arrival, our Christian Science nurses thought to ask the guest if they would like to try to walk to the restroom. The guest sat up, pulled themselves to the side […]

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  • Healing Moments – April 2016 Newsletter

    While going through some storage boxes, we discovered a talk (perhaps for Annual Meeting) from Broadview’s Manager dated 1962. We thought you’d enjoy stepping back in time with us and reading some of the contents of this talk, as the ideas still ring true today… “Good Afternoon, […]

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  • Frustrated by a chronic problem? Expect an end!

    Do you think you have a physical, emotional, or financial problem that, no matter how much you study, pray, or work with a practitioner, is never fully resolved? Are you frustrated by a challenge that seems to be healed for awhile but then crops back up […]

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  • Healing Moments – January 2016 Newsletter

    An individual under our care was not eating or opening the eyes. A Christian Science Nurse sat quietly with this individual, praying and sharing ideas about God and His love. The individual began to smile and nod in response to the nurse’s voice, and the nurse […]

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  • The Practice Room – Gun violence

    What is The Practice Room? View our original post here. In a meeting last month, we read the November  2, 2015 article “Judges uphold assault rifle bans” from the Christian Science Monitor, which stated that New York and Connecticut recently upheld bans on military assault […]

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    Healing Moments – November 2015 Newsletter

    One of our Christian Science nurses arrived to work not feeling well. She felt confident that this was the right place to be, however, and that she would be able to do what she needed to do while in the office. When she completed all […]

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  • Lindsay In The Practice Room1 E1446244091712

    The Practice Room – The migrant crisis

    On November 25, 2013 the idea was introduced to have a “Practice Club” for our guests to pray specifically for the world, our local communities & Broadview. The group meets in our Practice Room every other Tuesday after lunch, reads an article from The Christian Science Monitor […]

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  • What’s in Your ‘Pot of Gold’?

    “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” John 13:35 If you have ever visited the Reading Room of First Church, Laguna Niguel, you’ve likely noticed several bins inside – glass and plastic for recycling (used to help the Sunday School raise funds […]

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  • Healing Moments – May 2015 Newsletter

    Broadview’s mission is to support healing, and this isn’t just limited to patients and residents. We are expectant of healing whenever there’s a need, and last month, we demonstrated that! With two admissions, there was a need for additional staff, or contract Christian Science nurses. […]

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  • Healing Moments – April 2015 Newsletter

    An individual called our Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service saying she had injured her back and couldn’t get up. The Christian Science nurse agreed to come out first thing in the morning, and the individual started to explain where to find the hidden key to […]

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