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  • Healing Moments – Gratitude at Broadview

    At Broadview’s 2017 Annual Meeting, we asked guests to share any gratitude, prayers, or inspirations they had on our beautiful “Gratitude Tree” donated by Mary Falkingham Florals. What a lovely turnout! Some inspiring words and phrases from this activity are listed below.  If you didn’t attend or […]

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  • Feature – Worldwide Protection

    by Haley Chichester Even though I spent my whole childhood traveling around the world, the first time I found myself without my parents or sisters on a flight back home, I was nervous. Knowing my parents or sisters were traveling with me had been an unspoken comfort, and […]

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  • Healing Moments – July 2017

    Divine guidance continues to flourish at Broadview. This past month, a staff member found herself lost on the way to a friend’s home. Her phone, which had been guiding her along the way, suddenly ran out of battery – disabling the GPS that had been […]

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  • Feature – Soul Filled Light!

    Guest Post by Ame Kraus, Broadview Business Associate Recently I was on a spiritual retreat at the InspireSight event up near Yosemite National Park. This retreat helped me reflect on how all aspects of life can be broadened, lifted higher, and seen with a more […]

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  • Healing Moments – June 2017

    Healing moments are often about the progress of Broadview’s guests. However, progress can also be found among our staff. One staff member found they had unintentionally run a red light at an intersection. And while this intersection is normally busy, the cars in the other […]

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  • Feature – Divine Love: The Only True Parent and Caregiver

    Guest post by Lindsay LaVanchy Lindsay LaVanchy currently works at Broadview as the Special Projects Manager. She is an actress and a screenplay writer who loves to travel for work and pleasure. Taking care of children has been a constant love in her life, and […]

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