"Why I give to the Radical Reliance Fund" - Nancy Mooslin

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  • The Inside Scoop – Name that dancer!

    Welcome to The Inside Scoop, where you can learn more about the friendly faces who make Broadview tick. First up – a professional dancer turned Christian Science Nurse (and a member of our staff). Who could it be? Email your guess to kendall@csbroadview.org by September 10th, and […]

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  • Healing Moments – August 2015 Newsletter

    Recently, we established a 20-minute period during each of our three daily shifts for our Christian Science nurses and Christian Science staff to pray specifically about the healing power of Christian Science in our lives and here at Broadview. We have already seen wonderful results! […]

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  • Clearway Foundation Matching Grant Announced!

    Ready to double your dollars? Clearway Foundation will match every dollar donated to our Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service by November 29, 2015, up to $25,000. Head over to our donation page to take advantage of this awesome opportunity! (Be sure to choose ‘Visiting Christian Science […]

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  • Saturdays At Broadview

    Event Calendar for 2015

    Hello, friends! And Happy New Year! What expectations of good we have for this upcoming year, and we hope you will be a part of it! Our series, “Saturdays at Broadview”, is open to the public (see details below) and offers excellent opportunities to discuss […]

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  • 12483694 S Nazlisart With C

    Shop and donate!

    Do you shop at Amazon.com, Ralphs market, or Food 4 Less? Broadview has just joined up with each retailer to let your everyday purchases generate a donation to our facility! Here is how they work: A. AmazonSmile Rewards The next time you want to make a purchase […]

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