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  • Healing Moments – February 2017

    Healing this month has been abundant! Two guests are up and about – much more independent than when they arrived. We were also able to provide a healing atmosphere for some families who are full-time caregivers for their loved ones. The excellent metaphysics shared in […]

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  • Feature: Moral Courage – Indispensable to healing

    Guest post by Kathy Sublette, C.S.  Sometimes when we’re praying for a healing, we can’t seem to make progress. It feels as if we’re just stuck forever on a plateau of struggle and frustration, but all the while, we are praying very diligently.  Many times […]

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  • New Birth & Christian Healing

    Guest post by Leslee Allen, C.S. When asked to support Christian healing at Broadview in early December as the “Practitioner of the Week,”* it dawned on me during my prayers that everyone involved with Broadview is dedicated to encouraging the “new birth” or spiritualization of […]

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  • Christian Science nurses hone their skills in Level III Training

    Some may say that being a Christian Science nurse is challenging. The physical and emotional beliefs that Christian Science nurses (CSNs) encounter in their work can be, at times, startling, and it requires a deep humility and selflessness on the part of the CSN to stay physically […]

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  • Workshops with Dr. Brad Stock and Annual Meeting

    On Saturday, July 16th, we hosted Dr. Brad Stock at Broadview for two talks on Mary Baker Eddy. We had a great turnout, learning more about Mrs. Eddy’s active life of Christian service and her thoughts on hygiene. If you’d like to see photos from […]

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  • Frustrated by a chronic problem? Expect an end!

    Do you think you have a physical, emotional, or financial problem that, no matter how much you study, pray, or work with a practitioner, is never fully resolved? Are you frustrated by a challenge that seems to be healed for awhile but then crops back up […]

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  • February Workshop Wrap-Up

    Saturday, February 13th was a busy day at Broadview as we kicked off our 2016 workshop series with two great events!  The first, “Moving Forward Together as a Church of Healers,” offered us the opportunity to consider what it means to be a church whose […]

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  • Healing Moments – January 2016 Newsletter

    An individual under our care was not eating or opening the eyes. A Christian Science Nurse sat quietly with this individual, praying and sharing ideas about God and His love. The individual began to smile and nod in response to the nurse’s voice, and the nurse […]

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  • The Best Gift We Can Give

    What’s the most valuable gift Broadview has to give? It’s the opportunity to recognize who and what we are as God’s children, and Christian Science practitioner Summer Wright reminds us of that in this guest post.  Broadview is not a material location where we go to […]

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  • Lindsay In The Practice Room1 E1446244091712

    The Practice Room – The migrant crisis

    On November 25, 2013 the idea was introduced to have a “Practice Club” for our guests to pray specifically for the world, our local communities & Broadview. The group meets in our Practice Room every other Tuesday after lunch, reads an article from The Christian Science Monitor […]

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