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Broadview’s services actively support healing
through Christian Science.

Broadview provides Christian Science nursing care, which actively supports healing through Christian Science. Our staff includes Christian Science nurses listed in The Christian Science Journal as well as other experienced Christian Science nurses. A Journal-listed Christian Science nurse is always on duty to supervise or provide care for those who need it.

Our primary on-site Christian Science Nursing Services are listed below. For off-site services, please see our Visiting Christian Science Nurse Service page.

On-Site Christian Science Nursing Services

Christian Science Nursing Care

The most acute, intense level of care we offer; provided only by skilled Christian Science nurses who have met the requirements for listing in The Christian Science Journal. Those receiving care at this level may qualify for Medicare benefits. For more information, please see our Health Insurance page.

Christian Science Care

Care that is less intense than Christian Science Nursing Care; sometimes referred to as ‘light nursing’.

Outpatient Care

Immediate, short-term Christian Science nursing care for those who have a need, such as bandaging, that does not require an overnight stay.

Extended Care

For those needing little to no assistance with daily routines, come live at Broadview! Three meals a day, activities, and periodic check-ins are provided. Download our Care Brochure [link] to find out more.

Temporary Care

Care at our facility for Christian Scientists that is offered on a daily or weekly basis to help those who are caring for a loved one but need to be away temporarily or need relief from their care responsibilities.

Day Care

Care offered at our facility for a minimum of four hours per visit.