"Why I give to the Radical Reliance Fund" - Nancy Mooslin
Paying for Care


Broadview is a certified Medicare Part A provider. Broadview is designated a RNHCI (Religious Nonmedical Health Care Institution) and eligible patients are able to use their Medicare benefits. Eligibility is based on the following:

  • 65 years old and up and enrolled in Medicare Part A
  • Currently needing Christian Science Nursing Care level of care, the most intensive level. This is determined by Broadview’s Medicare Utilization Review Committee based on your conversation with the Director of Christian Science Nursing prior to admission
  • Has not exhausted Medicare days in a hospital or Medicare Part A provider in the past 60 days

For questions on using health insurance at Broadview or for more information on Medicare, please contact us.

If you are part of an HMO or Medicare Advantage, please contact us to discuss. Generally, these plans require pre-authorization before they will pay a RNHCI. For questions on using other health insurance options at Broadview or more information on Medicare, please call our Business Office at (323) 221-9174 ext. 308.

Health Insurance

For the latest information on health insurance for Christian Scientists, including how health care reform will affect you, please visit the Committee on Publication’s website.

Financial Assistance

Broadview strives to see that no Christian Scientist who is diligently working for spiritual healing, and who is in need of care, will go without care while at our facility due to lack of financial means. We know that divine Love meets each need, and this is the foundation we ask guests to build upon. If you would like more information about financial assistance at Broadview, please contact Ame Kraus at ame@csbroadview.org or call 323-375-9112.

  1. Christian Science Nursing Care Endowment – A non-profit fund that provides financial assistance to Christian Scientists in Southern California (zip codes 90000-93599) who need Christian Science nursing care but cannot afford it. Please contact the Endowment directly for more information or to apply.
  2. The National Fund for Christian Science Nursing (NFCSN) – A benevolence fund that can assist Christian Science nursing patients in the United States who cannot pay the full cost of their care. Individuals who are actively working for Christian Science healing, need Christian Science nursing care, and are unable to pay the full cost of this care will be eligible for grants. To learn more about this fund, or to apply for a grant, visit nfcsn.org.