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Solar Array

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What is Broadview’s solar array project all about?

The sun produces a vast amount of energy through nuclear fusion. Every minute, enough of that energy to power the world for a year reaches Earth’s surface. Broadview has installed an array of 1,441 solar panels in a significant move toward renewable, clean energy. The solar array is a step toward helping to reduce Los Angeles’ dependency on fossil fuels and to improving air quality for all.

What are the current savings provided by the solar panels?

The panels have been in operation since September 13, 2011. You can view the live feed of our current savings here.

Will this system help avoid electrical shortages?

Yes. Broadview receives a credit during periods when it produces an excess of electricity. The excess will go into the grid for others to use, and the credit will be available for Broadview’s use during cloudy days, when the system is not generating as much electricity. Solar panel systems at other homes and businesses operate in the same way.

Interested in visiting Broadview’s solar array or finding out more?

We welcome school groups, other non-profits, and those interested in learning more about our solar array to arrange an on-site visit. Please contact us for more information.

Solar ArraySolar ArraySolar Array