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2016 Thoughts of the Month

Every month, our Activities Director Tracy Colerider-Krugh posts a “Thought of the Month” throughout the facility for us to cherish. Throughout 2016, Tracy provided our Broadview staff a retrospective of the different Thoughts of the Month that she had posted throughout her time at Broadview. At the end of the year, the administrative staff voted on which ones were their favorites. Below are the 12 Thoughts chosen for your own inspiration!

P.S. Which one is your favorite? Email us or comment below!


  1. Nancy Reed Gray, C.S.
    Nancy Reed Gray, C.S.01-31-2017

    These images and quotations are so wonderful that I cannot choose one over the others. I do know which one made me laugh the hardest, and that is the little girl sitting on the doll’s chair. One that touched my heart was the little Buddhist child asleep with the peace and joy we should all express even when we are awake.

  2. Sandi

    These are excellently chosen. My favorite has to be January, although April is a close second – when to Truth’s green pastures, with joy at length we bound! why not? And July – it’s so natrual for us to want to help each other and to recognize opportunities to be helpful.