"Why I give to the Radical Reliance Fund" - Nancy Mooslin

2015 Thoughts of the Month

Every month, our Activities Director posts a Thought of the Month throughout the facility for us to cherish. We’ve posted all 12 of these for the year on our site for you to enjoy! 

  1. Cassie S.
    Cassie S.12-28-2015

    Thank you for sharing the Thoughts of the Month in the newsletter…. they are all just perfect…I especially like the one for November…also thanks to each team member at Broadview for all the exceptional work done to make it so wonderful for all of us. Love, Your friend, Cassie Schneider. 😊

    • Kendall

      Thank you for such a sweet note, Cassie! I’ll be sure to share it with the others. Happy New Year!