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The Inside Scoop – The Time for Healing is Now! (VIDEO)

Our Annual Meeting 2015 video, featuring our Christian Science nurses!

  1. Marily Downs
    Marily Downs10-01-2015

    I loved this. You guys did a beautiful job. Wish I had been there to be part of the Annual Meeting.

    I was surprised at the last frame in the nurses segment — although it still said NOW on it, there were 6 websites that showed up to click on . . . some medical, 1 was deepak chopra.. . Wasn’t sure how that got in there but it’s the last thing I saw on the end of your wonderful messages.

    • CS Broadview
      CS Broadview10-01-2015

      Thanks for pointing that out, Marilyn. It comes from embedding the video from YouTube. But, we found a way to get rid of them.

      So glad you took the time to watch and enjoy the video.