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Staff Updates

Our new Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing

We are pleased to announce that Janie Jordan has been hired to fill the role of Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing. Since starting at Broadview nearly ten years ago as a Christian Science Nursing Floor Assistant, Janie has had all of her training here and was listed in the Christian Science Journal as a Christian Science nurse in 2008.

Co-Director of C.S. Nursing

Janie Jordan, Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing

Janie will work closely with our other Co-Director of Christian Science Nursing, Melanie Peterson, to assure the finest Christian Science nursing care for patients at Broadview. Janie has been a member of our Education team and will coordinate with the Education Manager (see below) to help ensure the program’s integration into our nursing floor.

Before joining Broadview, Janie worked in the retail field and in real estate management. She studied at California State University, Fullerton, where her focus was on Business Management. Help us welcome Janie to this new position!

Manager of Christian Science Nursing Education

Effective immediately, Melanie Pilonieta will take over primary responsibility for Broadview’s training program as Manager of Christian Science Nursing Education. Reaching her tenth year with Broadview this coming January, Melanie has been Journal-listed as a Christian Science nurse for five years and has served as a mentor and instructor here at Broadview.

Manager of C.S. Nurse Education

Melanie Pilonieta, Manager of Christian Science Nurse Education

Before coming to Broadview, Melanie worked in the food services and retail industries. We are grateful for her dedication to Education and her commitment to ensuring all of our Christian Science nurses are supported in this area of their practice. Welcome, Melanie!