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Our Golden Nuggets of Inspiration

Have you been inspired by a recent visit to or stay at Broadview? Was there something you heard at one of our workshops that requires repeating? Did a staff member make you smile or touch your heart? Golden Nuggets of Inspiration

Share your thoughts and comments with us by leaving a reply below. These are our Golden Nuggets of Inspiration!

  1. Ame

    I have enjoyed all of the workshops that I have attended at Broadview over the last few years! The Reader Workshop that I went to recently was especially helpful. The inspiration I gained from that experience has brought more understanding, meekness, and awareness of the ideas of the Bible Lesson, which I have the opportunity to practice reading aloud at home, at church, and in the prisons. Letting light and love shine on the words to get to the heart of the message and how it is relevant and applicable today – in a conversational and genuine way – has allowed me to see and feel the true Spirit of the letter. I would also like to say thank you to all of the staff who had their part in preparing the delicious food, beautiful flyers, and harmonious space. Much gratitude!

  2. CS Broadview
    CS Broadview04-14-2015

    It’s such a joy to see so many smiling faces fill our halls at each Workshop! We love the love it surrounds us with!