"Why I give to the Radical Reliance Fund" - Nancy Mooslin

Why I give to the Radical Reliance Fund!

Former Broadview Board President

Nancy Mooslin


Nancy Mooslin, an independent artist who lives in Los Angeles, CA and former President of our Board, actively supports Broadview and Christian Science nursing as a member of our Radical Reliance Fund. Find out what it means to her to be a monthly donor and how easy it is to sign up.



Ready to join the Radical Reliance Fund and give monthly, just like Nancy? Sign-up here or call Kendall Tuchkova at (323) 221-9174 ext. 309.

(Find out more about Nancy’s artwork by visiting her website – http://www.nancymooslin.com/.)

  1. Madelon Maupin
    Madelon Maupin11-05-2014

    Beautifully said, Nancy. Broadview is such a huge part of our healing Church but I’ve found that if you don’t have personal contact with it or family members needing their services, you might forget it’s there. The support is so vital so that Broadview’s healing work is always available regardless of when we might need it. Thanks for your hard work on behalf of Broadview!