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  • Healing Moments – July 2017

    Divine guidance continues to flourish at Broadview. This past month, a staff member found herself lost on the way to a friend’s home. Her phone, which had been guiding her along the way, suddenly ran out of battery – disabling the GPS that had been […]

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  • Healing Moments – June 2017

    Healing moments are often about the progress of Broadview’s guests. However, progress can also be found among our staff. One staff member found they had unintentionally run a red light at an intersection. And while this intersection is normally busy, the cars in the other […]

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  • Healing Moments – May 2017

    “There is neither place nor opportunity in Science for error of any sort. Every day makes its demands upon us for higher proofs rather than professions of Christian power. These proofs consist solely in the destruction of sin, sickness, and death by the power of Spirit, […]

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  • Healing Moments – April 2017

    This month was abundant in healing testimonies; many of which surrounded the challenges of mobility. On three separate occasions, guests arrived at Broadview needing full bed care but overcame their mobility challenges and walked out our front door within a week! Most of these included challenges standing, […]

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  • Healing Moments – March 2017

    A guest recently told a staff member at Broadview she wasn’t feeling well and needed to go back to bed. This meant she wouldn’t be joining her friends in the dining area for lunch and, regretfully, wouldn’t be attending the afternoon documentary – one she […]

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